The Farm Cubs have turned it on

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday June 12, 2004.

All week we have been doing this thing at work that is pretty much all-consuming. It is a live TV auction that goes on every night for several hours, and takes a lot of prep time each day. One of the things it does to me is take away my sense of humor. As a result, I have been far less inclined to write on this site, and when I have, it’s been pretty lame. I haven’t had the chance to highlight the playoff games that the Farm Cubs have won, which bring them to the championship game tomorrow morning. And in those games, we have an emerging star. That’s right. It’s almost a shame that I wrote about it, sort of as a joke, only to have it start to come true the very next day. The Boy, in the first playoff game, saved a tie score by turning an unasisted double play at third base on a line drive that most adults couldn’t have handled, then followed that up with a walkoff RBI single in the bottom of the seventh inning. Parents were coming up to me and Christy offering congratulations. I found that especially entertaining. Also, I was evil because I knew The Boy was on deck so I wished ill upon the hitter because I wanted The Boy to get the hit to win it.

That game really drove home the insanity of Little League for me. First, there I was was hoping that some kid would make an out because I wanted my kid to be the hero. And I would have fought anyone who wanted it otherwise. Then, parents, and even a few grandparents, came up to me and told me how wonderful they always thought my son was, and that we were lucky to have him. He’s eight freaking years old and all he did was hit a stupid baseball to the right place at the right time. Why is that at all a testament to me? Oh well.

The second round game was the sweet one. They played the team that had beaten them twice this season, and effectively knocked them from a first place finish. In fact, that team had finished in second place, ahead of the Cubs as well. Well, the Cubs were relentless. As soon as they started to hit the ball, the wheels came off the other team’s bus and the game was over. After being down 4-3 after two innings, the Cubs mercy-ruled them with a score of 17-4 in five innings. They made things happen that you just don’t see in Farm-level Little League. They had 1-2-3 innings where every guy hit the ball and was thrown out. And to top it off, this was a team that had gotten busted earlier in the year for not playing all of their players, which is a rule at this level. watching that coach hang his head when everything went wrong for his team was a joy. Sure, you never want the kids to be that disappointed, but the victory was sweet.

Well, that’s about enough of this dull, humor-drained dump of information. I need an inspiration.

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