Go See the Wizard?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday January 26, 2006.

Nevada’s problems on the court seem to be confounding everyone. From what I can see, the thing they lack, that the press is calling “leadership” is not necessarily leadership. I think it’s toughness. They need to manhandle someone. In the loss to Utah State, Nick Fazekas was grabbed, held, pushed around, all while the crowd booed and berated referees. While I think more could easily have been called, I also think it would have done Nick some good to, instead of crying foul and waving his arms above his head to attempt to draw a call, simply push back and create a lot of space for himself. If it took a hard foul to get the message across, that would have at least opened up the eyes of the officials to watch a lot more closely.

Chad Bell’s game, which is touched on briefly in the article, was a good one. It ad the potential to be great, but just when Bell got it really going inthe first half (he scored a nice basket, got the crowd into it, was hammered on a rebound on the defensive end, which was not called, then on the same possession swatted somebody in a big way) he picked up his third foul and had to sit down. If he can stay away from bad fouls, he might be the spark to turn this team around. Early in the year, he did nothing. If he plays like he did Monday, and cuts back on the grabbing fouls, the Pack will find its way.

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