Good freaking lord

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 2, 2007.

This came from a Gtalk conversation with Ethan who got it from BoingBoing. And I don’t even read BoingBoing anymore. Reno blogging alum (and almost famous guy) Ed Adkins hit Boing Boing today for calling out the media on their ridiculous coverage of the events and the subsequent arrests in the “terrorism hoax” and the entire marketing campaign as a whole.

Ed and I actually met because both of us were Reno bloggers at a time when there were no Reno Bloggers. Seriously, it was Ed, me, and Laura. The story is here. Congrats, Ed. Now start blogging again.

Ed has begun blogging again, at least for now. Here’s his background and here’s his take on the stupidity.

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