Google Bad

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday January 28, 2006.

I have a hard time with these sorts of things. First of all, it seems awfully premature to start ranting and raving about how Google turned all evil on us. It’s been all of a week or so since they announced what they were doing. Second, if you really read into Google’s response, and you have a brain, you might actually figure it out.

Google knows that in order to get their products and services distributed throughout the world, they’ll have to capitulate to the laws of some countries. Actually, they’ll have to capitulate to the laws of all the countries where they specifically choose to do business. That’s why they’re laws. Plus, the simple fact that Google is going to China is a victory for the freedom that many think Google is suppressing. Over a billion people will now have the instant results that Google gives the rest of its customers. That in itself is a freedom. The winds of change in China have been blowing for a while. This development is simply a result of those winds.

Honestly, this whole thing smacks of an instance where bloggers are trying their damndest to make something happen just for the sake of saying they made something happen. If you really have a problem with freedom being denied to people, and censorship being institututionalized, boycott the shit out of China. I’m pretty sure they’re a bit more evil than Google.

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