Greetings from Seattle

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday December 30, 2006.

Coach FoxFirst time here. I’m not exactly what you’d call “well-traveled.” We’re here to experience what should be an epic basketball matchup. It better be. The last time I left town to watch the Pack they lost to the eventual national runners-up at the Wooden Classic in Anaheim. Good game, but Nevada never looked poised to win it. This game against Gonzaga reminds me of the last time the two played each other. Watch this about 40 times. See if you can pick out al the awesome things in that video, like the lady wearing red who is horrified with what she just saw. It’s really awesome.

We got here kind of late and had dinner at a place called Rock Bottom Brewery. It would have been better if we hadn’t flustered the hell out of the hostess. There were nine of us. Me, Christy, the kids, and another family. Apparently there was a party of 35 coming in at 7:00 so it was going to be a 45 minute wait for us. At 5:30. Nobody was brave enough to ask her how that made it easier to wait until half the time between us and the gigantor party had elapsed before seating us. So we split up and each sat in separate empty parts f the restaurant. And left at 6:30. Oh well. The beer was standard brewpub stuff. It’s all the same, it seems. That’s why I like Great Basin so much. They make interesting stuff and try new things. I love the Chili Beso and the one with Rosemary. As a (former) brewer I respect their ventures quite a lot.

We also managed to scam a room in the team hotel. So as we walked back from dinner we ran into the Foxes. As an enterprising journalist, I scored an exclusive interview wit Mark (the head coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack basketball team for those who don’t know). It was tough to get because he was busy asking my daughter how first grade was going. Here it is:

Me: How are you, Mark?

Him: I’m doing well, and you?

Me: Great. Looking forward to tomorrow. You guys look nice, you heading to dinner?

Him: Yes.

No other blogger can offer that type of original content, even if they claim to do so. Speaking of blogging, I heard John Edwards was in town today. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed to have missed it (I’ve been in Washington since Wednesday), but I’m not disappointed that he’s running. This Nevada as an early caucus thing is going to mean a lot of great opportunities for all bloggers to really build an enterprise. That’s the second time I’ve used the word now and I’m not sure either was proper. Anyway, Edwards seems to have taken a page right out of Dina Titus’ book by blanketing all the blogads subscribers with buys just before his visit. Cool. Let’s hope that this trend continues.

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