Happy Thanksgiving, Scripper

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday November 15, 2007.

A few weeks ago we went to this Halloween party put on by some friends. The party was not a ridiculous “naughty” Halloween party, but rather one geared toward kids. Except there was beer. For the party, The Scripper and his wife brought cupcakes. A lot of cupcakes. When we decided to leave, they tried to get us to take them.

There were two problems with that possibility:

  1. They were all in a box and there were no other boxes.
  2. We didn’t want them.

Happy Thanksgiving, ScripperA turkey on a porch. Mmmmm, cupcakes.We refused, but were threatened with cupcakes on our lawn for saying no. Blah blah, whatever.

The next morning we awoke to several cupcakes on our lawn. We were later told that there were more thrown there than we discovered, so either Rico had a smooth dessert or some raccoons were treated. It’s cool, though. I don’t hold grudges.

Well, tonight, we happened upon a really nice gift. Christy brought home a turkey that was donated to us at a party she attended. More accurately, it was a turkey carcass and it came complete in a bag. As she drove home she called me with the plan. The turkey was to be placed upon the porch of The Scripper. I can swing that. So I did.

Happy Thanksgiving, Scripper.

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