Here we go again

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday July 10, 2006.

Did anyone else catch this?

I will give you all hints intermittently. TC paid for this to be done. The debit card was purchased by his buddy. They were not as careful as they should have been and a couple of us seen it. Might be nice for him to admit it b 4 we show the video. I did not understand it but it sure worked. He be running scared. His bud should have been much more discreet.
posted by Anonymous @ 6:17 PM PDT

So let’s get this straight. Ty Cobb himself has a role in the Cobb Gobbler? And he’s on freaking video buying the debit card that paid for the site? Let me guess, is there not only the horrid wide shots that come from store surveillance cameras, but also the cutaway closeup of the money exchanging hands and Ty Cobb laughing all evil-like as the cash is passed over? Please. Now, if there is someone who knows a bit more about this, it would be the commenter who went by the name “BC” here. If that guy could email me (which I hate asking), I’d love to hear more of what he has to say. What do you say, BC? Step it up.

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