This whole Supreme Court Nevada thing

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday June 21, 2004.

I have followed this story for several months now. First, I heard about it somewhere, and checked out the guy’s propaganda site, than he came into our station to do an uplink when the case was sent to the supreme Court, and now, we have a decision. No question, this can be an enormous deal to some people, but we really should put it into perspective. Before you go freaking out about anything to do with the case, check out the guys site. He has the police video of the entire incident, so you can decide for yourself™.

First, the cops stop to talk to him as he’s pulled up on the side of the road, just chillin’ with his daughter in the car. The cops, according to his own site, had received a call about two peopl in a similar car fighting while driving around. That’s a domestic disturbance. And it was them, by the way. So the cops had a reason to ask him for ID. Next, the guy appears to be shitfaced! He looks drunk off his ass, and when the cops arrive, he practically stumbles from the truck to the center point in the video. Yet another actual reason to start questioning him and ask for some ID. Third, when the cops arrive, he immediately takes a defensive position and puts himself between the truck and the police. Call me crazy, but when one of my kids sees me coming down the hall, and they block entry into their room, I get just a bit suspicious. Plus, it’s the job of the police to be suspicious in such situations. Then, he wouldn’t allow the cop to get to his daughter, and he started cussing at the cops, so they slapped the cuffs on him. Now, I understand that there are people who believe that respecting cops is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to do it. But in my experience, when I’ve been in situations where the cops arrived, the first guy to get tossed in the van was also the first guy to tell them to fuck off. Luckily, I was never that guy.

So, put into perspective, the case doesn’t seem so cut and dry as it might sound when all you get is “Now the cops can arrest you for not showing ID.” They ahd a reason to check his ID, he said no, then told them to arrest him, so they did. Probable cause certainly seemed to be there, so the cops acted properly.

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