How Many Beers Does It Take?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday April 11, 2006.

Okay, so I grabbed this meme from Laura. I am notorious for hating these things, but this one caught my fancy. Mainly that’s because as I did it I drove Christy crazy with all my random facts. So here’s the deal: go to wikipedia and type in your birthdate, sans year (might be redundant, being how I used the word “birthdate”), then list three facts, two births, and one death that correlate. Sweet. I might list more because this is my website and I can pretty much do what the hell I want. But I might follow the rules too. We’ll see. Here it is.


  • 1829 – First Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. – Boat races suck. How embarrasing that on my birthday there wasn’t just some boat race, but the “Boat Race.” And Euros are lame, too.
  • 1935 – Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio, United States, by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith. – Hmmmm.
  • World War II: Canada declares war on Italy. – What? Canada? Now, a lot of stuff happened this particular year on my birthday, but this might be the oddest thing I’ve ever read. Canada declared war on someone? I’m sure Italy had no particular issues with the beer in Canada (my God, did Michael Moore really direct that?) so this is just baffling.


  • 1706 – John Dollond, English optician (d. 1761) – Wow. I got an optician.
  • 1965 – Elizabeth Hurley, British actress – Heh. Dave will never forget my birthday, will he?
  • 1991 – Colin Plancich, American Kung Fu Legend – Does this mean I should be somehow connected to this guy? Wait. He’s fifteen years old. I don’t care how much Kung-Fu he knows, I could take him. Also, his little link thing is red, so I’m guessing the assbag is just screwing around putting his own name where only the name of Chuck Norris belongs.


  • 1946 – Jack Johnson, American boxer (b. 1878) – I’ll only say this: wrong Jack Johnson.

Thank you all for takng the time to learn more about me, or at least the day I was born. Maybe in the next life I’ll get someone cooler than that optician guy and some Kung-Fu dickweed.

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