How Twitter exploded me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday May 8, 2007.

This morning I awoke and found a fascinating post by Kottke about the growth of Twitter, which I’ve become enamored of, and how that growth compares to Blogger?, which I’m not all that fond of. I’ve been getting grief at school because I use Twitter and ask others if they just twittered something that they should have. So I approached our class today all in a good mood and asked to present something first thing. I got the projector out and showed the graph, explained what the graph meant, and began berating my classmates for making fun of me. Turns out, I jumped the gun. I even predicted that Google was going to buy Twitter before lunch or that nobody would be using it by 3:00pm today. Thankfully, neither is true yet as the numbers were a bit askew. Now, I turn my fascination to how Twitter has made me neglect the blog in lieu of 140 characters of less.

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