I am a logistical nightmare

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday May 25, 2004.

*Logistics – The management of the details of an operation.

That’s the definition that applies to my everyday life that has gone so wrong. I realized today at work that I waste an awful lot of my time (free time, Jack) on some of the dumbest things. It’s a logistical problem. These are things like getting all of my stuff together for lunch, setting it down at my desk, realizing that I need a fork, going back to the kitchen area for said fork, and right as I get there realizing that my water bottle, which is at my desk, is empty, so I’ll need to go back to the desk, retrieve the water bottle, fill it up, and go back to my desk to eat, only to realize again that I need a fork, which I never got from the kitchen. And the walk from my desk to the kitchen isn’t the shortest of walks. Plus, it drives me terminally crazy when I have a plan, like eating at my desk and listening to music an looking at things on the computer, and not being able to do those things because I keep having to take care of logistical issues.

One can hope that it will someday get better. I know. I’ve hoped for years that it would get better. I’ve even tried to do the thing where you write down the things you need to do so you don’t forget. But I left the list in another room and forgot where it was. I actually lost my coffee cup a few weeks ago. I looked in all the usual places that might have sung their siren songs to tempt me to put the mug down, but I haven’t found it. In fact, until today, I forgot that I even lost the mug. It’s really that bad. I will be sitting at my workstation during the day and think of the funniest thing to write about on this site, but since I can’t write while I’m working (Jack) I have to try to remember for later on in the evening. I don’t. Maybe that’s why I really want this voice recorder thing. I couldn’t quite remember why I wanted it badly, but now I do. Actually, things might be looking up. Now I’ve written about my problems, so they’ll be here forever. If only I could find a way to remember they’re here.

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