I had trouble sleeping last night

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday March 26, 2007.

I sold out yesterday. It was the annual No Canucks Baseball Draft. I apologize to anyone who has ever had a modicum of respect for me because you’re about to lose it.

Not only did I draft Matt Cain, marking the first Giant I’ve ever taken that I can recall (and sorry, but he’s a much better choice than Noah Lowry), but I took the antithesis of everything I believe — I can’t say his name. I needed an outfielder and nobody else was going to take him. So I folded and heard cries of, “what the hell, are you going to root for the Giants this year?” Um, no, but I’m really losing my edge by not having ESPN, so I go with who I know. And I know Greg Anderson’s best friend will get on base at an amazing clip and Cain can flat out throw, so I grabbed them. My apologies to everyone who has ever believed in me.

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