I did something pretty cool on Wednesday

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday November 14, 2008.

I typically keep work separate from this place. When I post about the state (my job, if you don’t know, is multimedia guy/social toad/blogger for the state tourism board) it’s because I truly think it’s of interest to you (as an extension of me). The case is the same here. On Wednesday, I was treated to a ride in a glider from the Minden airport. It was done so they could promote the business, and it’s a perfect match with us at NCOT, as our goal is to get people to come to Nevada. Glider rides in Minden brings people to Nevada.

As the picture and video and blogging guy, I got to do the honors. Since returning I put together a photo gallery, wrote an epic blog post (not quite as epic as my last one here, though) and produced a little video of the experience.

To see Soaring over Lake Tahoe with Soaring NV, just click on that. If you ever get the chance to do ride in one of those babies, do it.

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