I got hosed this weekend

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday September 10, 2006.

A shot of Sun Devil Stadium during the Nevada-ASU gameThe Pack is in Tempe tonight, and not looking particularly good. Along with the Pack is the Alumni Association. That means Christy is there. Without me. That sucks. They throw these pre-game parties near the stadium, and a bunch of people I know show up to them and ask where I am. At home doing homework, is what she says. How fun is that? At least they are nice enough to send me pictures during the game, right? Thanks Kristin. I’m glad you have a cameraphone. As for the Pack, it’s time now to get back into this thing. Feel free to make a defensive stop at some point so the offense can get back in this. And if you’re reading this, Dolt, Price was the best teller ever. Word.

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