I guess you could call it luck

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday May 14, 2006.

Some good, some bad.

Strike Three CalledI didn’t have to make a moral decision on Saturday, that’s good. Dodger pitching stymied Bonds into a strikeout, a lineout, and a groundout, plus a walk. That’s where Giants fans lose me. Bonds went 0-3 on Friday night, and 0-3 Saturday, yet people still bitched about the Dodgers not pitching to him. It even got as ridiculous as when Bonds was down 0-2 one at-bat, and the Dodger pitcher threw him ball one – somebody booed. They started waving their stupid rubber chickens above their heads, and of course there were several people in my section alone that had shirts that read, “Pitch to Barry.” Oh they pitched to him alright. About now would be the time to start booing Barry himself. He didn’t even stick around to see the comeback win:

Bonds wasn’t around to celebrate Omar Vizquel’s winning sacrifice fly to right after Jason Ellison replaced him in left field in the top of the ninth.

“Well, too bad,” Vizquel said when told Bonds was inside getting ready to leave, though he hadn’t noticed because there were so many people around him.

AwwwwWe’re starting to see signs of conflict within the Giants over this home run mess. Manager Felipe Alou is talking about Bonds not hitting for average, like Babe Ruth did. But you know Barry will not be pulled from the lineup due to his struggles simply because if he doesn’t play, the Giants have a brutal time selling out ballgames. Their management would not allow that. Hell, it’s what they’ve committed themselves to for the near future. Otherwise, they’d have let him go a while back. But the home run chase is all they’ve got going right now. But enough about them.

The bad luck was simply that for me. How does a team pretty much dominate a game with both pitching and hitting only to lose due to one guy making too much money completely melting down in the ninth? That was really, really tough to watch, and it was even worse to walk out of that place. Most Giants fans are decent, including the guy behind me who actually knew baseball and talked to me throughout the game, but there are some jackasses who threw shirts that said “F**k the Dodgers” in front of the kids faces and ran smack. I’m sure that stuff goes on everywhere, it’s just tough to deal with. Of course, walking down that ramp from the view level to the ground took forever, and all I actually heard was “Beat L.A.” Will they ever come up with a better chant? And they use it in every sport. At least me and The Girl were original during the game, chanting, “You’re in last place (clap, clap, clap clap clap).”

Best moment of the game, Jeff Kent leads off the fourth, Giants fans behind me have a coordinated chant going. One guy says, “What’s the matter with Jeff Kent?” The rest yell, “He’s a Bum!” Kent promptly plants one in the seats, and about 40 Dodger fans all, and I mean all, turn toward that group and raise their first fingers and circle them in the signal for home run. It was amazing and even had the guy right behind me laughing. What’s even better: the gimp in left field probably would have had a play on the ball, but he can’t run and never even got to the wall. It was painful watching him try to run on those knees. Hmmm, joint deterioration. Where have I heard of that before?

Danys Baez is a complete gascan. You’re getting $4 million a year to pitch in only one situation. And your manager actually only uses you in that situation. You’re told to get three outs before you give up three runs. Oh, and their biggest threat will not be playing anymore. Sounds easy enough, right? Nope. Baez gives up four runs in the ninth to lose a game where Giants fans should have walked out of there in shame. And this is the fifth time in 13 tries you’ve failed to do your job. That is the definition of a gascan. I have never missed Eric Gagne so much. He’s around, and this game is over before Giants fans can get the batteries out of their radioes to start chucking them.

Our ViewThe park is great. I still don’t think there’s a bad seat in the place. I’ve sat in the bleachers in left, behind home plate in the upper level, behind the left field foul pole in the upper level, and now along the third base line in the upper level, and I think the view was the best this time. The best seats were certainly behind home plate and the best experience was in left field. The tough part about these seats was my ability to judge batted balls. When J.D. Drew hit his triple in right-center, I thought he’d hit one out to right until the ball just kept going toward that gap. And more than once, a ball that looked like a popup behind short was a fly ball near the left field line. But I can handle that, ultimately.

Overall, I got to see a decent game, and got to watch some Dodgers who should perform well actually perform well. Nomar looks like a great signing. Sucks that they lost, but to quote a very great man, the season is a marathon.

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