I Have a Small House

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday April 19, 2006.

Yes, a small house. It’s something like 1250 square feet. Three bedrooms, one bathroom. But we’re going off right now. We’ve been exploring, planning, worrying on some remodeling projects and re-arrangements for quite a while now. Well, now is the time we have begun acting. Basically, the house has a family room when you walk in, to the left is the hallway and The Boy’s room. Next to that is the bathroom, then The Girl’s room, then the master. To the right of the front door is mostly the family room, then a little dining room/nook, and left of that is the kitchen. The kitchen leads to the hallway also, so there’s like this circle thing. Out the kitchen is the deck and back yard. The back yard is sweet. But that’s it, and none of it is huge.

We plan on remodeling by adding a bathroom and possibly redoing the existing bathroom. Also, we’re buying hella new stuff and moving eeverything all over the damn place. Well, the other day, it all started. We moved the dining room table from the faily room to the nook area, the computer stuff from the nook to the family room, and the tv and couch from where the computer stuff went to where the table was. Oh, and we bought a new computer desk that runs along an entire wall and has two work areas. Oh, and we bought a freaking HDTV. Let me tell you about HDTV. It is freaking amazing. When I first started at the TV station, I saw the HD feed we ran and was mesmerized. It is so different that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I’m still that way. I got a little antenna to receive HD signals, and am loving it. I probably won’t get the full cable package where you get things like ESPN in HD or that show where the chicks cruise around in swimsuits and go fishing and shit. But I can still watch other crap in HD, and I’m cool with that.

It’ll be the perfect damn thing to have for when my wisdom teeth get yanked from my face this week. That ought to be fun. I’ve never been put under before, so I’m a bit weirded out by it. I can’t fathom just going to sleep without being able to control it. I hope I don’t go all Arnold in Total Recall and fuck up the dentist’s office. Probably not; I’m not all that badass. But wisdom teeth gone or not, I plan on being at the Pack game on Sunday, pregamer too.

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