I just had a reality check

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday July 23, 2006.

Here’s a newsflash for all of you blogging people who feel like this writing on the internet thing is going to help you write some sort of book ar something someday. It won’t.

I just had to check myself in a big way. I return to the classroom for the beginning of my masters program in one week. But before we could get back to school, we were given an assignment. Read some stuff and answer a couple of questions with 1,000 word essays. The thing about this program is that it’s something I really find interesting without my connection to it in school. It’s about where the media is going and how we see reporting changing with the new technologies. So both of the questions I had to answer were questions I thought I could answer in my sleep. I couldn’t.

What was so confounding about how difficult I found this assignment was that I figured I’d have an easy time because 1) I write on the internet all the time, 2) I enjoyed the topics and had opinons, and 3) it was only 1,000 words per essay. Those factors combined should have led to a pretty simple assignment for me, but they didn’t. I sat at the computer hating the assignments for several hours at a time and when I finally got tired I saw that I had written one or two paragraphs, reread them, and wound up deleting one. It was a painful thing.

I struggled through those writing assignments for two weeks until they were finished. And now, to top it off, I think they suck. I am not happy with what I wrote. I have to turn it all in because there was a deadline, but I’m not going to be confident in what I produced at all. And here I thought I had it all figured out.

Why am I telling you all this? I tell you because it smacked me in the face. I know a lot of people who write on websites have a goal to write a book “someday.” I can’t say that I had that goal, but I can say that I expected my writing here to help me with some sort of writing endeavor “someday.” Well, my someday is today and I don’t think my writing here helped me. I sat down thinking all the pieces were in place and they were not. So if you are one of those people planning on parlaying your internet writing skills into some sort of longer form publication, get ready for a bumpy ride. Just because you write every day does not mean you write the type of thing you’ll need to to get your bigger works finished. Think about that, and be prepared. It’ll really hurt at first.

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