I like video games again

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday January 4, 2007.

I, and my kids, have been consumed with the Wii since we returned from Washington. It’s an amazing system and stands to only improve as more stuff is released for it. That’s why we’ve been consumed by it. Because it’s awesome.

First off, let me explain how much of a gamer I am. Zero. I am an anti-gamer. I’ve always hated the Play Station and its evil offspring, I’ve never even played on an Xbox or it’s spawn. But I am a huge fan of Nintendo’s systems, like the GameCube. They’ve always offered simple and playable games that can still challenge you. The Zelda series might be the best adventure series ever. That might also go without saying, as I’m just not into games enough to know of others. But Zelda has been the driving force behind me buying entire systems in the past, so it has a little pull around here. My general course of action around video games has been to find a college football or basketball game (baseball games always suck on video game systems because all they feature is guy after guy hitting bombs) that can play quickly, give me a chance to improve my team and compete with any school, and devote a few months to it until I master the thing (The Pack has won three straight national titles and three straight Heismans in NCAA Football 2005). After that, it’s kid stuff. Until now.

I read a review (can’t find it) that said Wii Sports might be the best video game ever made. I might agree with that. Not only are all the sports included simple, playable, and fun, but you are actually doing something when you play them. The motion sensing makes it so anyone can play the game, and anyone can probably master it. But when you see your ratings going up because you actually punched that other guy it’s pretty cool. Also, I hit tons of bombs in baseball, but I’m cool with it because it’s actually me swinging the Remote, not just hitting a button at the right time.

My favorite has to be tennis. I dominate from the net. I can’t get the good serve down, though. My only question is why do I keep drawing Serious Badassâ„¢ opponents who have a skill rating of somewhere around 1,000 more than me when in baseball and boxing I draw guys who are less than 100 better. That makes it a bit tough to keep winning.

Yesterday The Boy picked up Excite Truck and Twilight Princess. I’ve only briefly messed with Excite Truck, but it seems pretty fun. Again, the motion sensing thing is great. You drive and when you want to turn, you turn the controller. It’s kind of realistic, actually. Twilight Princess kept me up for a long time last night. It’s a fantastic game, and I haven’t even really done anything yet. Who even knows if I’ll ever get the chance to finish it with school killing me in the next few months, but maybe someday.

Here is a list of things we have done so far on the Wii:

  • Spent hours playing it
  • Bought two new games
  • Reserved our copy of Wii Play
  • Made numerous Miis
  • Emailed to and from it
  • Surfed the Web on it
  • Played GameCube games
  • Bought Wii Points (and 2 old games)
  • Enjoyed every second of it

Here is a list of things we haven’t done, but would like to/wish I had been able to:

  • Become a “pro” at any of the Wii Sports games
  • Found a freaking extra Remote so we could actually play against each other
  • Connected with anyone else who has a Wii
  • Participate in the Celebrity Mii Contest

If you have a Wii and would like to connect, send me a message. My Wii number is 8332-0547-0278-8313. Is it bad to just give those out on the internet? My kids want to have a Mii Parade, so I’m willing to risk it.

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