I'm heading to Shooting the West XXI

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 4, 2009.

I attended my first Shooting the West last year after having heard of it several years earlier. As a photographer and someone interested in Nevada, it was among the first things I begged into at work when I started there. Seeing how other people shoot places like rural Nevada and the rest of the western US was an important thing for me to see. I learned a ton from attending and met some very cool and talented people.

In October or November I got a call asking me to put on a workshop, and I was honored. They asked me to talk about online tools that can help in marketing photographers, so naturally I, along with my colleague Lisa Lucas be using a ton of what we do at work in the course of a day to try to help attendees put themselves in front of more potential clients.

The two presentation I can’t wait to see (without knowing much about the others) have to be the two from 7:15 until 9:00 on Friday night. William L. Fox wrote an outstanding book about Nevada that I read after attending last year’s conference and seeing it on display. Mark Lisk’s “Owyhee Canyonlands” presentation intrigues me because I’m a little familiar with the area. Both should be very interesting.

The downside to attending the conference this year is that I’ll miss the Nevada Interactive Media Summit. If I hadn’t committed to doing Shooting the West, there’s no question I’d be at NIM09, and I would have submitted a proposal or two as well. I hope the best for all of the presenters and those in attendance. It looks like an interesting lineup of speakers and topics, for sure.

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