I must hurry, for the game is near

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday June 22, 2006.

I have to say it now. Tomorrow will be the US’s last game at this World Cup. I might be wrong. But I doubt it. Upon what do I base this assertion? Well, and this should surprise no one, they have yet to put the ball in the freaking net. THEY HAVEN’T SCORED A GOAL! Ahh, yes. They did play to a 1-1 tie with the Italians, but the US did not score the goal. The Italians scored it. No US player has struck a ball that either did or would have gone in without the aid of a player from the other team. And Ghana is going to slap the uninspired US team around while Italy plays to a tie with the Czech Republic, nullifying anything the US will do anyway. Mark my words.

Oh, I forgot to mention I am now a soccer fan. HD will do that to a chap. So forget all that stuff I said before, okay?

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