I spoke at today's PRSA luncheon

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 25, 2009.

And I talked about online stuff, like how all of the online world should now be a part of your website. If you would like to take a look at what I presented, go here.

I tried to do an audio recording of it, but the bottom line is that I’m incapable of being recorded by a microphone that isn’t attached to me, and I don’t own one of those. So I didn’t do it. Also, my camera guy is out of town. Total new media failure.

Thanks a brazillian to all of the people who attended. Even my friends. It seemed like a pretty interested group, and I loved the questions I got. The bottom line with all of this stuff is that there are simply no right answers. People that tell you there are are not correct. The best approach, and I hope I got this across, is to do it yourself, personally, before you decide that you should do it for your business or a client. If you don’t know how it works, you can’t guess what will happen. So everyone needs to go get themselves set up, then figure out what to do from there.

One pretty cool note: during the conversation, Bob Conrad mentioned that the talk was being talked about on Twitter. After it was over, I checked the feed (that’s about the best I can do) to see what people were saying, and found something pretty cool. One of the tweets was a quote from the presentation (thanks!) that was picked up by someone in Boston. Man I wish I had known that during the presentation. We were discussing the way Twitter can reach people all over, and the network in that room was broad enough to get me a follower in Boston while I was speaking in Reno. That’s awesome.

Here’s the link again.

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