I sure hope the litigious UNR Professor Richard Schweickert wasn't trying to hide this

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday January 14, 2009.

Full disclosure: I hold two degrees from UNR, get paid as an independent contractor to run the video board for football and basketball games, and my wife works there. My opinions are my own, but they’re based on experience with these people personally and not by any encouragement from UNR officials. I also read court documents whenever available. If you did, I think you’d feel the same as me.

Richard Schweickert, a professor of geology at UNR, has been a co-plaintiff or co-petitioner or something legal and annoying in lawsuits with former almost-hall-of-fame UNR soccer coach Terri Patraw. Seems he, however, is still employed at the university. I know this because when he registered a blog “about public corruption at UNR,” he used his campus phone number in the contact information:

Richard Schweickert listed as owner of unrblog.com

Click on that picture and you’ll see the full version.


He also doesn’t sign his name to his posts, leaving one to (presumably) assume that what he is doing is a public service, and not simply trying to help his own case(s) against the university. With just a simple bit of sleuthing, I found out that the registered owner was Richard Schweickert. And I also saw that the site was in the same template as just about all of Terri Patraw’s roughly 746 sites. It’s almost as if there is a coordinated effort among attorneys (wait, they all have the same one!) or the disgruntled to quickly and carelessly register sites, paste information up, bold certain, supposedly telling parts, and further their own efforts to get rich off the backs of Nevada taxpayers.

Or it could be a coincidence.

As a citizen of the State of Nevada, I am appalled that people would be allowed to continue doing things like this. I wonder if a court takes into consideration the amount of smearing a plaintiff does in the public, when that plaintiff is suing for defamation, among other things. I mean, I know the court doesn’t care what Richard Schweickert or Terri Patraw think about business that’s not theirs, but how does the university and the individuals named in these blog posts restore their own good names in the community?

Either way, I think someone should submit UNRBlog to the university people for inclusion on this page.

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