I think I'm going to start this place back up

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday January 8, 2012.

Maybe. I just have to have ideas. I don’t have many of those when it comes to things that I think will be both interesting to me and interesting to > 1 person right now on a personal level. So I am debating.

Here’s the thing. Something is coming at me right now that says I should do this. I can’t figure out what it is. It’s either a desire to try to write again, a desire to tell people what I’m doing, or just ego. I haven’t felt like posting here for so long for a few reasons:

  1. In my job, I get to be creative all day, for the most part. When I wrote here the most, I was bursting with things in my head that I felt had no other outlet. That’s not the case anymore, as my job allows me to do pretty much what I want creatively. About those other outlets…
  2. Twitter – I can manage most of what I want to say there. In fact, I’m in the camp that believes that if you can say it there, it’s probably a more well-though-out thing anyway. That character constraint is awesome for both readers and writers, as it forces you to hone that piece. In fact, for what I do there, which is basically pass along things that interest me and make attempts at jokes, it’s perfect.
  3. I’m tired. While my job allows a lot, it also asks a lot. The smallish amount of time I have to myself I spend training for triathlons (a subject that may find its way to these pages), watching quality television shows with a really quality person, and trying to do not much more. Breaking out the computer in the evening to post to the blog seems like a chore these days.

We’ll see. This is already longer than I had thought it would be, so that’s either a good sign or just a sign that I can ramble. We’ll see.

Also, comments are likely not going to have a prominent place here. I have had a change of heart over the past months. I think they generally suck now. If a topic warrants a “discussion,” I’ll probably open them, but they’ll be moderated at the very least. Chances are, I’ll want people to respond in the open, like via Twitter. To me, that’s a much more conducive medium for cool discussions. It brings more intelligent people into the mix and forces everyone to be concise again. Plus, if I make fun of you, it will definitely reach a larger audience.

Thanks, and maybe we’ll see each other soon.

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