I was doin', Big Pimpin', from the alpine tees

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday May 23, 2004.

I’m not really big at all on living the grand life. Friday afternoon I took a trip up Mt. Rose Highway to a place called Montreux. Montreux is a private community in the forest a few miles outside of Reno. The homes are ridiculously priced, designed to be very exclusive. Also as part of Montreux is a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course that plays host to the Reno Tahoe Open, a PGA Tour event that rolls into town each August and proceeds to leave a lot of money behind. I’ve attended a few of those events and have always wanted to jump onto the track and play a round of golf, just to see what it’s like playing where the pros play. Friday I got my shot.

Last year I played golf only about three or four times. One of those times was in a tournament with my wife’s boss. He’s about as good of a golfer as me, and we rode together in the cart, so we had a lot of time to talk. The other two guys we played with both got pretty hammered, so Mark and I had to try to hold our team together. One of the things we talked about was his membership at Montreux. He told me that day that we would definitely get together to play a round up there, which delighted me, and that we would get to do the drinking ourselves. Sounded cool but I never could get away before the snow showed up. Finally this week I was in his office and he asked me when we’d play, so I just told him Friday would do. We set it up.

So I got to play Montreux. I wasn’t good, but none of that mattered. The weather was crappy, and we only got to play nine, but as a result, he tld me we’d do it again when it was 90 degrees outside. Fine with me. My friend Eric also got to play, and he took a few shots of me swinging it. I also took a few more. Here are some of the better ones:

*Me on the third tee.

*The lake on the 7th.

*Me blasting my approach on 9 about 25 yards over the hole. I’m also soaked from the hideous rain that you can sort of see in the background.

*The view from the men-only lounge in the clubhouse. That’s the 18th you see there.

*From inside the locker room. They give locker to the past champions of the tournament and each member gets a little plaque on the door. This locker room had drawers above the sink that held cups for freaking mouthwash.

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