I Went to the Wine Walk

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday April 17, 2006.

Wine WalkingMan, how long has this thing been going on? I remember being told that we had to go sometime early last year, and I had never heard of it. Now it’s freaking huge. All of the shops are great to look through and the people are generally pretty nice to be around. Except for that one lady who yelled at us. We had wine in our glasses on the street. That’s against the rules, which we had not realized, but were respectful, even after being accosted and told we were ruining it for everybody else. Yeah, the same everybody else who throughout the day had wine in their glasses on the street. Dumb lady.

Clown on FirstThe highlight had to be the dancing clown. He was outside the Downtown Marketplace and had a sign that said something about a ballet he was performing. That, and he was hanging/working with a mime. Everybody hates mimes, right? Well, this mime was special. See, he was standing there chit-chatting with some dude about kids or something. Not in a mime way, but his mouth was moving and his vocal cords were emitting sounds. The mime was talking. And it was about kids, so I figured he knew the guy. But that begs the questions: 1) did the guy lack respect for mimes to the point he just figured he’d start talking to him, or 2) did the mime lack respect for mimes to the point he figured he’d just start talking? Then, later, I hit the jackpot. The dancing clown was walking down first street coming right at us and I was ready. Booyah.

Overall it was a pretty fun experience. I got home that evening and people stuck around here. At about 11:00 when I was alone while people went to Target or some such thing, I decided to check my email. There it was. I got into my grad program, and they’re offering me an assistantship where i actually get money from them. Sweet.

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