If David Stern's cool with it...

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday October 27, 2006.

I guess it’s still okay to vote for the reefer. If David Stern is cool with it, you can be cool with it, too. Anything that the guy who makes his players dress up is for, you can be for.

In tonight’s Reno and its Discontents Live Chat there was a bit of a discussion about the initiative. I honestly can’t think of a reason not to vote for it. I should also note, in what may come as a surprise to some and may explain things to others, I have never smoked the stuff. I have, however, been around it a bit. I can’t convince myself it’s all that bad. In fact, the only reason I think it’s not good is its legal status. Do you have a reason to vote against it that you’d like to pass on to me?

So, the good news is we will still get to have the all-star game in Nevada. The bad news is the passing of this ballot question is sure to bring interest in moving to Vegas from the Portland Trailblazers.

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