I'm sure there have been worse weeks

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday March 20, 2007.

Republican legislators have been having a field day with some local bloggers, amounting to a tough week for cyber influence. And that’s not all that’s hurt us here in Northern Nevada this week, either.

It started with Dennis Nolan. As covered previously, Nolan had some comments that really put off Eric Odom. Then, Odom took exception to Cobb’s proposal to spend $300,000 in state money on a Veteran’s Guest House. Cobb wasn’t letting that fly, so he lobbed a few bombs back at Odom (and I’m going to say rightly so – more on that in a second). Also, let’s not neglect the very solid smack aimed at Disney (you know, the way Disney talks about how much help America needs, why did he waste his time with the Assembly – the dude should just run for president) Finally, and I include this because I know they’re connected, Friend of Odom Todd Zuccato wrote a pretty hardy rant about the woman in front of him at Winco buying a boatload of groceries with food stamps — then deleted it (I’ll talk about this more as well).

First, Ty Cobb. To someone just getting into this it might look like Ty was totally out of line by getting personal with Odom. I beg to differ. Odom worked with Richard Disney, who ran against Ty for the AD-26 race last fall. During the campaign, a website popped up that anonymously worked to destroy the character of Ty Cobb by getting very personal. The site had pictures of “his house,” posted his address, talked about his living arrangements, claimed he had been fired (he hadn’t), and called him a liar. The site’s anonymous personality even called him a “prick” in my comments. I deleted that. I spent a lot of time discrediting the site because I thought it was chickenshit and unfair for them to do that stuff.

I can’t say I know for sure who was behind that site, but I have a pretty good idea. My evidence is as follows: 1) a friend who works in politics told me he knew it was who I think (obviously he could be wrong, but I trust him), 2) there’s this post, and 3) a couple of weeks ago I followed a link in my visitor logs that led me to Richard Disney’s email – a Google Alert for Cobb Gobbler. Disney was tracking web mentions of his creation — a creation he started with the help of Eric Odom. I’d bet that Cobb knows what I do and has a pretty good idea that those guys were behind the site. As a result, he has a free pass to get really personal, if you ask me.

Now a bit on the removed post. I read it, but I didn’t have the foresight to take a screenshot of it. Granted, as I read it I shook my head at all the assumptions and, honestly, unfairness and racism that was oozing. It was an embarrassing post. And now it’s gone. In the time I’ve taken part in the local blogging scene, I’ve had several conversations with Todd Zuccato and came to respect his realness, at the very least. I lost a lot of that with the removed post. He may have had a very questionable attitude toward the person in front of him in line, but it was at least a look into who he is. Taking the post down can mean a couple of things about Todd. Either he is doing it for political reasons, which makes him less of a person, or he wasn’t telling the truth to begin with and felt bad about the characterization. Both ways are reprehensible to me. It’s weak. And, like I said, an embarrassment.

The post is back up, with an explanation.

Update 2
It’s gone again.

Update 3
Todd has posted an explanation and retraction

I’m sure groups of people have had worse weeks, but this one certainly ranks up there as one of the better ones I’ve witnessed. I guess when you try to play the power game, the other players might want to have a say in how much of that power you’re able to grab hold of.

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