In case you're wondering, I'm not worried about the Pack

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday March 10, 2007.

The loss last night certainly didn’t do anything to help Nevada, but it’s not even close to the apocalypse, either. I’ll hit on a couple of points here and try to keep from getting all technical.

First, this team is very, very good. Yes, I’m a huge fan, but they have some amazing players that work well together. They’ve lost just four times all year and have beaten some good competition. They are also a year older than the team that lost to Montana last year.

Second, we still haven’t seen them at their best yet. The two games that stick out as the shining moments for the Pack are Gonzaga and Hawaii when they played in Hawaii. The Pack won both games under very adverse conditions. In the Gonzaga game, they fell behind while Nick Fazekas fouled out. They went down by as much as six with under five minutes remaining and came back to win the game. In the Hawaii game, they had no Nick Fazekas at all. They had never won in Hawaii and were able to take care of business.

Third, I am hearing that they’ll get a tougher road in the NCAA tournament because of the loss last night. I’m not sure it matters. A week ago people were talking about whether the Pack could get a 3 seed in the tournament. It was possible. Probably not so much anymore. But if they are good enough to warrant a 3, I have no problem with them playing as a 6. Why? Because if they are a 6, then they’d conceivably play a 3 in the second round (they’re getting there). If they’re good enough to be a 3, they should be good enough to beat a 3. If they can’t beat a 3, they don’t belong advancing anyway. I’m in this to win it, and if they can’t beat the teams in the early rounds, they won’t beat them in the late rounds, either.

There you have it. That’s the reason I’m not losing any sleep. I believe these guys are really good, and I think they’ll handle the teams put in front of them. So let’s get the tournament rolling, shall we?

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