Innocent perps don't plead out

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday May 30, 2006.

I watch a lot of Law & Order. And so I know that when you’re innocent, you don’t take the deal. You fight it. And sometimes you still lose, but regardless, you don’t take the deal unless you did it.

A few weeks back, I was reading what was meant to be a fun post over at Inside Nevada Politics about a prospective assemblywoman and her lack of man-finding abilities. Then I read through the comments. The one that caught my eye was written by “Anonymous” (still dealing with that crap over there, and yes, I get the irony) at 3:34 pm PDT. It had to do with one of my really, really good friends and what are perceived as his shady business/political practices. Lo and behold, it was Trueâ„¢. It looks like the guy endorses a lot of the same folks he does work for. Sure, it’s not just him doing the endorsing, it’s his PAC.

One might assume that a PAC has many members all over the state. Well, that would all depend on how you define “many.” There only seem to be about 10 or so members, but I’m sure their secret list has many more. See, NICPAC is doing its best to define itself as a very active internet-type grass roots organization. And I say internet because their leader, my good friend is an internet guy. I presume he would like his group to be internet-involved because that’s what he does – internet stuff. The problem is that nobody cares all that much about them. They have a blog that I’m sure they’ll claim gets tons of hits, yet nobody is commenting. That’s not much “action” by their committee. Maybe everyone is too busy canvassing neighborhoods to comment on a blog.

A week ago, the PAC did get into the action. In what looked like a semi-response to the charges raised by the commenters regarding their endorsements, one member decided that throwing around bank balances would get everyone off their backs. See, if we only knew they didn’t make any money, then we’d have to believe that they weren’t endorsing people for cash. The problem with that reasoning is that nobody accused the PAC specifically of taking money to endorse someone. And if the PAC had done such a thing, they’d be monumentally stupid for it. People were accusing the PAC’s leader and founder of only endorsing his business partners. There’s quite a bit of difference. Of course, they’ll have you believe that they are influential, which is why they are under attack. That’s a pretty generic argument for people on the defensive: “what are you afraid of?” I’ve used it, so I know that’s true.

Today was the granddaddy of all the whiniest political moments. EO, as he has been so eloquently glossed (or as he glossed himself), issued a huge statement to the (literally) ones of people reading Battle Born News that said he has stepped down as the leader of NICPAC. Although, he makes sure to include, in all caps, I might add, that he doesn’t care what people think about him and what they say about him. I’d actually be willing to agree, but he went with the caps, and that screams caring to me.

So despite all of the disclosure in recent days by NICPAC toads, we get the resignation, or more officially, “stepping down” (I wonder if there was a letter involved), by Odom. And was his leadership official, as in on a piece of paper signed by a Board of Directors? And is NICPAC governed by the same rules that govern all PACs? And if not, should they have ever had any sort of credibility at all? What’s great about his resignation post is that he is taking that wonderfully high tact of claiming he was “just doing what is right” by endorsing who he endorsed, and the rest of us who had the guts to question – just question, mind you – his practices were on a mission to get him. To be honest, I had almost forgotten about those guys before I saw that comment, but the comment made me remember something about that crew that I had never quite put together. They were always starting up new “alliances,” but all of the alliances had pretty much the same membership. Then I realized it was only two alliances. But the membership was virtually identical, only smaller in the second.

NICPAC has a decision to make here. Either they can be a major player, which they are currently not, and accept that they will not only have to answer questions about their involvement in certain activities in a manner that is ethical and legal, or they can continue to be who they are; political wannabes who desperately try to put themselves in the news with stunts like this. See, nothing brings attention to yourself like a leader “resigning” amid a witchhunt by liberals and RINOs. But I’m not saying that’s the only reason. I think Odom sees himself as a martyr here. But innocent guys don’t bail out. They stick it out.

I’ve often wondered why the hell I care. Well, over the weekend I tried to find a good source of conservative sites from Nevada similar to what Minkoff has amassed under her Nevada Blogs header for the lefties. But everything pointed right back to these same dolts that run NICPAC. And I have a very hard time believing that they are pure of heart and mind in what they do. I think they want power and money. Not that that is a bad trait, it’s just a trait I don’t want to promote. Basically, I wish that I had started something like they have. I wanted to be the guy who began the best and most recognized conservative coalition, made up of real people, not politicians, in the state. I wanted to be the guy who endorsed candidates based upon their ability to govern effectively and adhere to principles I admire. And I wanted to be the gatekeeper of members because I would never want my group to be overrun by hacks that are in it for their own gain. I wouldn’t want my group to become like the Republican party has become nationally – rife with scandal and corruption. Not that the Democrats are a whole lot better, but I’ll let their people clean that mess up. I never could have done it, simply because I have far too many other commitments, but when it’s in your head and someone ruins it, you tend to take offense.

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