Interested in an adult Wiffle Ball league in Reno or (cough) Sparks?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday May 12, 2008.

An old blog friend Dave sent me a message asking if I’d be interested in playing Wiffle Ball as part of a league. All the cool kids are doing it. I think it would be a blast and wanted to help him gauge interest in such a league. Besides, if a retarded game like Dodgeball can have a league here, or Beer Pong for that matter, something cool like Wiffle Ball, where you can actually track stats and geek out while drinking and showing off for chicks, should be a big hit. So I’ve put together a really short survey for you to fill out to give him an idea. Take thirty seconds and fill it out, eh.


Just fill the form out here. Man, have I ever told you how much I love Google Docs?

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