Internet Explorer completely blows

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 11, 2006.

Not that everyone didn’t already know that. But since I’ve been tracking my hits with a new tracker and it gives me pretty good browser statistics, I’ve noticed that most people coming to this site use IE. By most I mean about 51-55 percent. Now, since the recent onslaught of political self-imports, I decided that I should actually, for the first time, check out what my site looks like in IE. The end result—horrible.

It’s readable, but it’s not presentable. The basic problem, as I see it, is that IE does not read negative numbers in CSS. While I was once all strict regarding standards and stuff, I’m not now. So I don’t know if negatives are allowed, but I like them. It makes my site look nice in Firefox and other more decent browsers. So this is a call to all readers. If you use IE, please stop. It’s horrible. Use something that actually cares about your experience. Get Firefox. If you’re on a Mac, use Safari, Camino, or Firefox, for the love of God. But please stop using IE.

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