Internet Dating, mrjerz Style

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday May 26, 2005.

About a week and a half ago I attended some lame party (man, the reciprocal linking kills me) at this local dive, which is actually a great college hangout. It was for this certain colon obsessed guy I know who just got some lame degree in some business-oriented field. Who would want that I have no idea. Why not get a degree in philosophy and work as a waiter for the rest of your life, or at least until law school, if you can get in? Anyway, the party’s pretty cool. There is food out on the patio, which is a great place to hang. Ed cruises up to me as soon as I get there, hands me a wristband, and tells me that if I want beer, go to the bar and ask, and they’ll give me either a pint or a pitcher. Sweet. Then he introduces me to a guy and we talk for a while.

I was chillin’ for a while, talking to people, telling them things about myself, asking them about themselves, etc. Then a few guys show up that I know. Not through Ed, but they were in my fraternity. One was my first roommate at teh house, and a guy I think is pretty cool. we hadn’t talked in a long time, so we settled in. He knows Ed from some MBA classes, for which he just re-entered school to earn. How do I know Ed? “Um, we, um, met on the internet.” The same answer I had given everyone all night. We met online. See, we both have these websites where we talk about how cool we are, and somehow we found each other. In fact, I think it happened when I wrote about Nevada day (a couple of stops ago) and Ed linked it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I was all, who is this clown? But then I was all, wait, he’s in Reno. That’s cool.

We sent a few emails back and forth. Then came that awkward moment for me when this dude who I’ve only spoken to with a digital barrier asks to meet for a beer. To the dismay of my wife, I said okay. Turns out this dude only lives a few blocks away. Or so he says. But we decide to meet at a little bar near our houses. Of course, at the bar I see a couple of people I know while I’m waiting. I can’t even remember who, but she asks what I’m up to. I tell her I’m meeting some guy for a beer. Oh yeah, who? This guy I met on the internet. Seriously? Seriously. I slink down. Luckily, she went back to her party – and I had backup if things went south.

No fireworks that night, luckily. But Ed and I have been friends since. His friends already knew him pretty well, so all the people that I met at his house got the internet thing. They all read his site. And my pretty close friends know me, so they got the relationship. But when it comes to people who know neither of us particularly well, it seems weird. Plus, most people don’t have websites where they talk about themselves like we do, so there’s a further gap in understanding. PLUS, Christy called Ed “that guy you’re dating from the internet” for, like, months. So every time I have to explain it, the whole gay love thing pops into my head. And I’m not gay, get OFF ME!

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