It needs to be said

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 30, 2006.

Just so I am clear. I am not here to call any reporters lazy or claim they have given up on their jobs. I do not think that is the case with Anjeanette Damon and I would appreciate it if those comments were not made here unless you are willing to sign your real name to them. If you are willing to do so, I’ll let it slide. I have been pretty lenient with anonymous comments considering my feelings on them, mainly because they have mostly added to the conversation, but I do not want people getting personal. It is true that I called Anjeanette out by raising the question of her possible relationship with Siobhan McAndrew, but that was not a general question, it was a very specific question backed up by evidence. Save your shots at her for the comments section on her site. And as always, I reserve the right to delete comments I don’t like or ban people that piss me off in an unfair manner. Don’t be the first one of either of those.

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