It would be awesome if all these guys riding around on bikes as a fashion statement learned a rule or two

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 15, 2008.

Holy Christ. I can’t drive home from work without a fixie running red lights, jumping lanes dangerously, or simply riding the wrong way. Oh, and soooo many of them aren’t wearing helmets. Awesome.

Don’t get me wrong. I dig that more people are riding around on bikes and making it easier to get around, be a community and the like. But when I regularly rode to work there were certain things that I and the other bike commuters did: we followed the rules of the road.

I always ride with a helmet, and have a very hard time riding against traffic. It’s a very basic principle that would do a ton to promote car-bike relations. Don’t make driving harder. Be a part of traffic and keep up where you can. But this business where riding the wrong way on a one way street is somehow accepted is not helping. go the extra half-block and ride safer.

Not putting on a helmet isn’t as much of a bother to me, but it is undeniably stupid. If you don’t wear a helmet, you’re a douche. It’s pretty simple. Further, if you wear the dumb little frenchie hat, you deserve every angry driver who threatens to punch your girl-pant-wearing ass. With that, wouldn’t it be safer to just wear a helmet?

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