It's okay, I wouldn't have seen it either

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday September 19, 2006.
the dodgers crowd home plate to congratulate nomar garciaparraWow. It’s only taken me this long to post about it because I am in school. Last night (thankfully I watched a movie instead of MLB Gameday) the Dodgers made a little history. For the first time since 1964, four consecutive home runs were hit. That’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back, y’all. And not only did they do it, they did it in the ninth inning to tie the game. Down four entering the ninth, they led the inning with four straight bombs to tie, then promptly gave up a run in the tenth to fall behind again. No problem, Kenny Lofton led off the tenth with a walk, then Nomar crushed one into the pavillion in left to win it and take first place back from the Padres. If I hadn’t watched a movie, I’d have been damn near suicidal seeing them fall behind by four, then ecstatic when they tied, then definitely suicidal seeing them fall behind again, and shut the thing off. No way I would have made it to Nomar’s blast. I would, however, have woken up and been happy, just like I was this morning. Can we please use this win as a springboard to shut the door on the annoying Padres now?

And in a stunning move, I used a non-original picture in a post. Sorry.

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