It's primary day

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday August 15, 2006.

After everything I’ve said about politics these past few months, and all of the time I’ve spent on it, there are two races I think stand out as races I actually care enough about to say something here.

First, if you are a democrat, do NOT vote for Geoffrey VanderPal in the race for Treasurer. If you don’t know why, trust me. He’s a slimeball and dirty, and his opponent is not. I doubt she’s worried about it, though. She told me last week that she had an eight point lead, and that was after VanderPal had knocked on a ton of doors and before she had. People meeting her will have to like her.

Second, Republicans, please vote for Brian Krolicki for Lt. Gov. Why? I can’t stand to watch any more of that racist, gritting her teeth, “I make Mexicans rich,” and crazy Barbara Lee Woollen on my television anymore. It probably helps that Krolicki knows what the Lt. Gov. does, too.

I’ll be watching the returns closely tonight. A couple of races will be very close, and very fun. I actually was invited to a party for one candidate, but I’m not sure if I’ll go. Kids don’t do too well at these things, and school work is hard. Good luck to everyone.

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