It's rivalry week: Nevada vs. UNLV

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 28, 2007.

I’ve been looking for something to get up on the site for this week, and I’ve found it. Thanks to John Trent, who along with Jean Dixon and Brandon Stewart put together this cool video, people can understand a little bit better why this is the best rivalry that doesn’t get any TV coverage. Without getting as into this as I can I’ll do a couple of things. First, I’ll point you to the piece written up last year for this site by a guy who’s very into the game. Next, I’ll point you to The Cannon (some photos, history). And finally, I’ll predict that Rebel fans won’t want to be around “Mackay Stadium”: to see this one finish. It’ll be over by the end of the third quarter, with Nevada winning by three touchdowns. Enjoy the game.

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