It's still baseball season (even if I don't talk about it anymore)

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday July 5, 2006.

nomar crossing the plate after homeringQuick note on tonight’s Dodger game. Kemp (CF), Drew (RF), Ethier (LF) is the best outfield they can run out there on a regular basis. I have been large on Ethier since I saw him for the first time in SF. The kid looks good. He played the field well, looked confident at the plate, and he’s not too bad statistically, either. Okay, the statistics thing was sort of a joke. He’s tearing it up. And I was bitter when the trade for him went down. Good God, the Dodger rookies are impressive.

Rookies, yes. Proven Veteran All-starsâ„¢, not so much. Cesar Izturis needs to be taken care of, soon. He started on a tear, and should have been traded about three days after being activated. But the Dodgers waited. And now he’s playing like Izturis once again. Oh well. And trading a 21-year-old catcher and 28-year-old pitcher for older (and not even better) players at each respective position is inexcusable. It’s what I like to call (at least around the kids) “horsebleep.”

Finally, I can think of worse ways to be going after a sweep of Arizona than having Brad Penny anchor for you. The hammer will fall, hard, tonight. Plus, if I hear “Nomaaaaahhhh” being said again, I’ll kick someone in the taint. He’s in L.A. now, lose the chowdspeak.

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