Jon Christensen to chat with students

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday January 29, 2007.

I haven’t actually seen it yet. I am making myself wait until tomorrow when we actually get to do this thing. “It” is the piece on Idaho’s wilderness by Jon Christensen for the show Now. Jon and I are close. In the sense that he was one of the instructors I had in the summer for my crash course in environmental journalism. He might actually know who I am. I also saw Jon last week at the memorial for Cole Campbell. For some reason, this thing I’ve been asked to do is bigger to me than if I were to actually get to hang out with Mark Fox or something.

I’ve been asked to facilitate a pretty cool event. As the resident tech nerd in my graduate program, I am always the guy who gets asked to do these things. This time, it’s setting up a conference with Jon via iChat so we can watch the piece and talk with him afterwards. This is not an ordinary iChat conversation, though. We’re doing video. That’s cool. Sure, it’s not rocket surgery, but it’s still cool. I’m looking forward to it.

This will be happening Tuesday, January 30 at noon in the grad lab (room 303) of the Reynolds School of Journalism on the campus of THE University of Nevada.

The chat went well. Jon is a super cool guy and answered all of our questions about the process of the negotiations. Also, thanks to a tip from the Anon Guy, I have a video link to the piece. I hope that works for all of you like it did me.

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