Las Vegas Strip in snowstorm caught in amazing HD

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday December 22, 2008.

I caught this video while bumping around the work Vimeo account and felt like I’d be cheating you if I didn’t pass it along.

A Las Vegas snowstorm that closes the airport and schools is a freak occurrence, to be sure. Capturing it on video with a Canon 5D Mark II in high definition with a killer assortment of lenses is awesome. But even if you’re not really a camera geek, it’s an incredible video to see.

Beautiful picture + cool set of circumstances = amazing video. Check it out:

Desert Wonderland – With the Canon 5D Mark II from Focal Bliss on Vimeo.

If you click through you can see the HD version. That shot of the Sphinx in front of the Luxor is phenomenal. I would have loved the chance to take some video of that storm, but can’t say I could have done it better than these guys did.

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