Let's get it on (I'm not Mills Lane)

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday September 5, 2006.


I took that title from this post, which I read for a class. It’s so much better if you add the Nevada twist to it, don’t you think?

It’s after Labor Day, so I can honestly say that I’m ready. I’m ready for all the ads that will soon be inundating my television set (which I rarely watch anymore, thankfuly) telling me that Jim Gibbons is afraid to debate six(!) times with Dina Titus, who is obviously just a warm, caring Nevadan (despite the accent) that wants what’s best for all of us. The best is six(!) debates, right?

Of course Jim Gibbons (for the graphic alone, he gets my vote – but seriously, here’s his site) will simply respond by saying he’s agreed to, like, two debates, and that’s all Nevadans want. Plus, “Dina Titus”: is nasty, gets along with nobody, and even makes threatening phone calls to poor students who are just trying to learn the political process. Seriously, though, that phone call is amazing. How very Hillary Clinton of her. What was she thinking?

The whole point is that the ads are only there for us to be entertained. If you don’t know who you are going to vote for at this point in the game, you’re either lying or you don’t pay attention. Both candidates have records a mile long, and both have spoken. What good is a debate other than for you to make fun of the other candidate? That’s all I do. Choose the person you think is going to be the best for you. Stop telling me that one person is better “for Nevada” than the other. I don’t care about the rest of Nevada and what they’ll get out of this relationship. I care how I’m going to fare. If I do okay (and that certainly does NOT mean they give me money, unless it’s my money anyway, like a tax rebate, which admittedly, is mostly paid for by casinos – why all the opposition to Harvey and the Lazy 8? Oh yeah, Ascuaga is paying for that) then I’m fine with it.

It looks like Gibbons has agreed to four debates. Honestly, that’s unwatchably too many. I guess if you want to hit a lot of people, go for it. But like I said, if you don’t know with as long as these two have been around, feel free to move.

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