Like some white whale or something

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday June 28, 2006.

I’ve never read Moby Dick (although I am not above exploiting it), but I’ve heard that it’s about some guy who chases a whale for a long time or something along those lines. Whatever. I’ve also heard it’s long and boring. So I’ll try to keep this short, for those of you who might have read it and are looking for your time back. I added Technorati tags today! Yippee! If you had any freaking idea how many times I’ve tried this before only to be frustrated and angry. Wow. Okay, I’l tell you. Like, four. It always seemed to happen late at night and I never could figure it out. But today I came across the bestest Textpattern plugin, by a dude who rolls under the pseudonym Compooter (maybe that’s why he knows computer stuff). I installed, turned it on, and in five minutes, wham-o (is that copyrighted?). Tags live. Now, I guess I need to know, are they useful?

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