Live blogging the election

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday November 3, 2008.

So I decided to talk politics this election. Yeah, it goes against the very fabric of my being, but what the hell, you know? So tomorrow, which is Election Day, I’ll be voting with my daughter, maybe reporting on the boring scene at Shoppers Square, then sitting around reading stories of voter suppression while I prepare to head to a party at Lincoln Lounge. Once there (presumably early to get my free PBR by donning the “I voted” sticker) I’ll be doing things like watching CNN or whatever news channel they choose to show, blogging live about what they’re saying, and grabbing and uploading video of the people around me and their reactions to the news. It should be great fun, and there better be plenty of beer.

In case you missed the first link, here it is again – Election Live Blog.

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