Lorraine Hunt on TV. I need a breather

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday July 17, 2006.

So, what, exactly, is the purpose of someone polling around 15% (in their primary, no less) running ads? And not good ones at that. I saw Lorraine Hunt’s ad on TV the other night and a few things struck me. Next time you all see this thing, take a close look for yourselves.

First, she is green screened. While I understand them doing it, I think it would have been very possible and not too much trouble to just go shoot in front of the Capitol building itself. A very unfortunate result of the green screen is that someone apparently thought it would be a good idea to use the “presidential zoom” on Ms. Hunt. You know the zoom. It’s all slow, almost imperceptible, and makes the candidate appear to be getting closer and therefore more personal. When done properly, it’s a magnificent camera move. But it’s a very bad idea when there is a green screen in play. Because the green screened image does not move. So you wind up with a floating Lorraine Hunt and a static image in the back. Freaking weird. But I guess that just fits in real nicely with how I view her. In fact, when I saw the ad for the first time, I had to think about it to figure out what was happening. Then I just laughed—kind of like I did when I heard she was running.

Next, you get the crazy jump cut. I think there are two, but I only noticed one the last time I saw the ad. She is talking, but this time the camera is static, and her body jumps in between sentences. It’s not much of a jump, but it is a jump. And it scares me. There are two possible reasons it scares me. The first is that as someone who looks at video all day long, I can’t believe someone let that get by. Because you can notice it. Both Christy and I noticed it at the same time. And it’s bad. Never freak out your viewers with a jump cut unless that’s what you’re trying to do. The second thing that frightens me is that the cut is barely noticable. In fact, I might even buy that I noticed it because part of my job is to edit video. Christy also has some experience with that stuff, so she qualifies as a quasi-expert. So with how strangely small the cut is, all I can think is that Lorraine Hunt is a robot. She doesn’t move her body. She only moves her head and lips. Obviously her hair doesn’t move. I didn’t hink it was possible to cut one take, then line up exactly where you were before and keep going. But she damn near does it. I’m not sure if I should be propping her on that one or not. But it scares me either way.

So not only is she doomed in the election, she’s now resorted to freaking me the hell out by putting her robot self on television. Bad move.

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