Mackay Stadium is teh Rox0r

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday September 17, 2006.

Some Crazy GuyI figured that one of two things would happen at this game. Either the Pack would win and right the ship, or they’d get blown out and the Chris Ault Farewell Tour of the WAC would begin. They won, and did so in convincing fashion. Colorado State never threatened them at all. The first three points were set up by a nice interception return, and the touchdown was scored by the defense on a blocked punt. Heck, even Joe Garcia got a solid pick in the fourth quarter.

It was great to see some students at a football game. Last year, I saw about 50 people sitting in the north end zone every game. It was dead down there. Last night the section looked full. It was full everywhere except the top corners of the east side and the extreme corners of the west side. Good turnout for a team that struggled to pull numbers all last year and was already 0-2 and coming off an embarrassment in Tempe.

I don’t have much to say about the team, other than Jeff Rowe’s pick was a horrible play all around. He never looked the defense off of the guy, made a bad throw, and the receiver tipped it right into the safety’s hands (who might not have been there had Rowe looked him off), then he got to the 20 yard line after everyone seemingly forgot how to play football. Rowe did make a good tackle, though.

Let me just say this about the atmosphere. I can’t think of many cooler traditions than shoooting off that cannon after a score. It’s awesome and you feel it all through the stadium. And the south end zone is the only place to sit.

Note on the picture. I have no idea who that guy is. If you know him, tell me his name so I can prop him, um, properly.

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