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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday August 2, 2006.

The Anon Guy, aka Derek Smalls (I think), which is not his real name anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. And before anyone criticizes me for backing an anonymous person in any way, I must say that I wish he wasn’t anonymous. I’d love to know who he is, so I could have a chat with him. But basically, he’s been doing good work in comment threads. I couldn’t have said any of those things better myself. What he’s doing to particular morons over there is parsing their political hackery. He may have an agenda, but it seems to me his ideals are about the same as mine, and that’s keeping the conversation truthful—sticking to what’s real. By not allowing other commenters to derail any conversation with “he’s a liar” accusations and calling people RINOs all the damn time, he’s actually making people have a brain in their comments. It may not always work, but I respect that a ton. Keep that up.

As for me, that’s about as deep a thought I can manage right now. I’m heading into day three of “Boot Camp” and I’m already pretty tired. We read all night, get up early to read some more, then discuss all day in class. Every weekend we have papers to write, and I happen to be attending weddings each weekend of the session—out of town. Only thirteen more days.

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