Maybe it just shouldn't matter to me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday March 8, 2007.

I’m not sure what to do anymore. This stuff is getting a bit out of hand. I just got an email from someone pointing me to this post and telling me to look at comment #6. It says that “The Man” has been banned from Myrna’s site. If it’s true, then it’s a serious black eye for Reno and Nevada bloggers.

Here’s the thing that really gets me. I know Myrna reserves the right to ban someone, but when the banning comes because the guy has posted stuff that, frankly, simply went against the ideology of Myrna and called her out for lacking class, who can defend it? I refuse to do so.

I’m probably about to breach some sort of an agreement I have with Myrna here, but in some emails we’ve exchanged I got the impression that she was interested in furthering discussion through blogs. I am committed to that ideal to the point of obsession. Myrna, feel free to correct me here. Unless “The Man” has done something completely offensive, then I see no reason he should have ever been banned. The irony here is that the only record of his posting on her site is kept by me. She removed the post where he left his mark, but I kept it in a screenshot of the page. So why ban him? Is there more to the story, or are you just trying to shut down dissenting opinion from your site?

Myrna says no one has been banned so I should be a little more clear. “The Man” told me in an email that he tried to post twice last night and it did not work. Then a comment appeared that said he had been banned, but the comment was by “Mr. Johnson.” How might “Mr. Johnson” have known about the banning of “The Man?”

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