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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday November 1, 2004.

The redesign is done. One of those things I have never done for whatever reason is keep a screenshot of the last look of my site. If I had, you all would be truly amazed at my skills and how they have evolved. This place is remarkably different than it was when it began. I thought the last design was my favorite, but this one beats it. The colors may offend someone, but I like them, so too bad.

I would love to know if there is any troouble viewing, if something is wrong, looks like it’s not right, whatever. I am aware that the photo from the photoblog is down below the bottom of the sidebar. It should be on the top of the page, but I can’t seem to make that happen. Also, there are going to be a ton of minor, maybe unnoticeable changes being made over the next few months. That’s just how I operate. I can’t ever seem to just sit tight.

You may or may not like the popup link windows. Props to Laura for the inspiration. And as for the overall design inspiration, I guess I have to thank Ed. For the code to help me open all the links in new windows from the popups, credit goes to Justin French, who is a major TXP guru.

Outside of the new design, there are some things happening up in here. Tonight I will debut as the MC at Baldini’s Sports Casino for Monday Night Football. I’ll be the clown who gets up during commercials and gives away free t-shirts or whatever the hell they give away. I’m looking forward to it, and if you’re ever in the area on a Monday, stop in and buy me a beer. Plus, Baldini’s offers ample opportunity to garner a bit of material for this spot. Look out.

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