Miller soft on crime? Please.

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday November 7, 2006.

I couldn’t pull together my experiment. Mainly it was because I was tired and not all that fired up about it. Sometimes I get thoughts that run through my head and I get all fired up for about long enough to tell someone or write it, then I forget about it and am no longer interested. I also didn’t want to sit here and type out this long list of endorsements, which is awfully presumptive, so I thought I could make my voting as transparent as it could be. Well, in the end, neither happened. I did vote, however.

Who I voted for is hardly important. I didn’t do my experiment, so I largely voted on emotion, which isn’t ideal at all, but I also think I pay enough attention to make good decisions.

John Walsh, American badassI will pass along one very important decision I made, however. It is very difficult to run a negative campaign ad about how some guy killed people and the prosecutor, Ross Miller, let the guy free or whatever, that is immediately followed by a Ross Miller ad starring John Freaking Walsh telling us he’s a great guy. If there is anyone I trust on crime, it’s John Walsh. Dude hates criminals. Also, if there is anyone I inherently don’t trust, it’s someone whose last name is Tarkanian.

And save the ID for voting crap. I agree. We should show ID when voting, but there are some things that are just too big to ignore. When you try to take your opponent down as being soft on crime and he’s running for Secretary of State, you’re asking for it. And when your opponent counters with John Walsh, you’re cooked. At least to me you are. Sorry, Tark’s kid, Miller’s kid schooled you.

I’m going to go ahead and call this one. Friend of John Walsh (FOJW) is Nevada’s new Secretary of State. Go forth, Ross Miller, and fight crime like John Walsh taught you to fight crime! How cool would it have been when I worked at the bank if John Walsh and the Secretary of State had come rushing in with badges out and leather jackets and stopped that guy from trying to open his business account without proper paperwork? Also, would it have been funnier if I’d said Miller’s kid crossed Tark’s kid over?

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