Can Suck It

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday April 12, 2006.

Screw Last year, I bought the package for $79.95 which enabled me to watch any baseball game that wasn’t blacked out by prior agreements (like nationally televised games, like ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball) or baseball’s blackout rules (which generally don’t affect Reno, based on the fact that we are not in a baseball market). I used it to watch the Dodgers each night I could, and it was worth it. But I decided against the plan this year because of a few reasons. But apparently, I was set to be auto-renewed by so I got charged last week the $79.95. In their email that notified me I was being renewed, they had a return email address through which I could cancel if I wished to do so. I emailed them that way, but the charge still went through. So I called them. For 20 minutes, it was busy. Then I had to go to work. Several times throughout last week, I called. Mostly it was busy. Twice I got through, but was on hold for over 20 minutes and had to hang up to leave for work. So I emailed them again, this time asking for a response and insisting they refund my money and cancel the subscription. Nothing. So today I called and got through, noticed the menu items had changed,and waited on hold for over 30 minutes before getting a representative. Jovan was nice enough and canceled my subscription. But I have to say I’ll probably never use them again. And it’s a service I liked, but baseball has turned me off a bit lately, and certainly didn’t do a thing to help get me back.

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